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Our Mission, Our vision, Our values



Our people are the secret to our success. We are defined by our shared values and demonstrate them in every interaction. They guide us and ensure we are in an inclusive place where our teammates love to work, and our patients are delighted to visit. 

Heartfelt Service

With helpful hands and open minds and hearts, we actively engage with our individual locations, celebrating their unique local style, while identifying solutions to support improved service.

Mutual Respect

We share ideas, collaborate, and troubleshoot as a team, seeking alignment in decision-making. By supporting and equitably empowering one another, we discover new ways to create value.

Honesty & Transparency

We act with integrity and transparency without fear of speaking up or disrupting the status quo. We communicate clearly and respectfully with everyone.


Analysis improves our decision-making. We strive to track all facets of our business to develop insights for improved care. Best performance is derived from strong leadership, setting goals, executing plans, monitoring results, and reinforcing successful approaches.

Growth Mindset

We seek to grow our people, services, markets, and overall company to create value. Always looking forward, we explore new technologies, treatments, systems, and processes for improvement.

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